Why another contest?

The IRTS 2m & 70cm Easter contests were cancelled this year due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown. Usually the vast majority of QSO’s involve portable stations for these competitions. The IRTS has replaced this contest with a new 80m contest, but we thought it would still be fun to try a fixed 2m contest.

Who is organising this?

It’s the fault of Albert (EI6KO). Though he had help from Keith (EI5KO), Declan (EI6FR), Conor (EI6GSB) and John (EI3ISB). This is my first time running a contest so please be kind!

As such it’s not an IRTS contest but the nice people in the IRTS are helping promote it. Thanks!

Why no SSB?

We wanted to keep the contest simple and encourage as many people to join in as possible. Every amateur has a 2m FM radio of some sort! If the lockdown continues and we try this again we might ad SSB if there’s demand.

Why FT8 and not FT4 or contest modes?

Again simplicity and to encourage participation. Most digital operators know how to use FT8. FT4 is more sensitive to timing differences and may be more fast paced than operators are used to. We considered using the EU VHF contest mode, and may try that in future if there is interest.

The rules seem familiar…

Yes, we stole most of them from the IRTS and RSGB contests 🙂

Why not a counties contest?

The “Counties Contest” is an IRTS thing and we didn’t want to just copy that format. Using scoring based on locators is common practice for other contests and rewards the number of contacts and the distances between stations.